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We build and manage custom technology products, using modern tools and best practices to create stunning and effective digital experiences.

Product Development and Consulting

Our core service is building clean, beautiful, well-organized applications but that isn't all we do. We partner with you to craft solutions to the challenges you face bringing your product or service into a complex marketplace. We can answer questions like "Should I build a prototype first?" or "What technology stack makes the most sense for our product?" We'll put our expertise to work, helping you plan and execute from the research phase through the product launch and beyond.

Technology Upgrades

Do you need to ramp up your current technology? Or, did your current technology situation become unmanageable? We can help assess your situation and determine the best steps to take to move your product and organization forward. Building your app properly from the start will prevent major headaches down the line - but whatever state your tech is in, we can help you figure it out.

Web apps, Native apps, and Remote Learning

We design and develop apps and presentations for entreprenuers, corporations, educators, and non-profits. Check out the 3-D application that we built for Greenbrier Companies(GBX). We have also worked extensively in the educational software space, creating nearly 100 university coursework modules for Pearson.

Backend Architecture Solutions

We work heavily on back-end architecture, building custom solutions for companies like Digital Ocean and Madison Square Garden(MSGS).

Learn more about how we work.

We Have The Experience

Madison Square Garden (NYSE:MSGS)

We built two responsive sites for Madison Square Garden, one featuring latest news and events, and one rebuild of their corporate site. Read the case study.

Greenbrier Companies (NYSE:GBX)

We partnered with 3-D animator Jake Koprowski from Insomnia GFX to build a custom kiosk touchscreen display for Greenbrier Companies. See a video of the software in use.

Digital Ocean

We did a series of technical projects for Digital Ocean, including proof-of-concept rebuilds of their front end, and a terminal in the browser application to help their team run server speed comparisons. Learn more.

David Gallo

We built a custom blog for Tony-Award winnning designer extraordinaire David Gallo. See it now.

Real Brave Audio

We created design layouts and built a custom video chat component for Real Brave Audio's virtual music lesson webapp. Learn more.


We built a custom application for Versartis featuring some neat 3-D effects. Find out more.

Pearson Embanet

We built over 100 e-learning modules for Pearson Embanet. Learn more.

The Channel Company

We provided The Channel Company with technical support for their advertisements and blog pages. Read more.

Westchester Marketing Cafe

We work with owner Jann Mirchandani to provide custom programming solutions. Read more.

NYC Data Project

NYC recently published vector data of the city. See how we used it to create the video content for this site.


Languages We're Fluent In
JS — The Lingua Franca Of The Web
Clojure — The Most Expressive Data Handling Language Around
D — When We Need Efficient Native Performance
Frameworks We Like To Build With
Vue.js — See React
React — See Vue
Data Stores We Trust
Redis — Fast In-Memory Persistent Data + Pub/Sub For Distributed Apps
MongoDB — It's Web Scale
Platforms We Stand On

“Jon and Kobie have been a trusted resource for custom builds and new features for well over 10 years. Their commitment to excellence shows in their work - how they communicate, project management and final delivery. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a trustworthy team, committed to exceeding expectations. ”

  Julio Andrade, Barrus Digital

“The team at We Have The Web was able to create a custom solution for a complex issue one of our clients was having with their site. The requirements were somewhat confusing initially but they persisted in getting everyone on the same page and solving the problem. I would recommend them for custom web projects or for tech consulting in general.”

  Jann Mirchandani, Westchester Marketing Cafe LLC

“These guys are great to work with. They respond quickly to problems and always give a clear explanation of how they fixed things.”

  Joseph Caponi, lead developer, The Channel Company


Jon Takiff and Kobie Maitland started We Have The Web LLC in 2018 after six years of building web applications together. We work with a team of highly skilled collaborators, allowing us to build and support digital products through the entire lifecyle, from initial planning and market research through design, development and launch.

Jon Takiff started as a front end developer in 2006, crafting layouts for a wide variety of clients. He handles project management, content management, and writes front end code to help create responsive interfaces and experiences. He's your first point of contact and makes sure that all stakeholders (including technical and non-technical staff) are fully in the loop as your project moves along.

Kobie Maitland is the primary architect and lead developer. He has a Computer Science background and over ten years experience crafting clean solutions to real problems using modern technology.


Jake Koprowski is a motion designer, animator, and web/UX designer who has worked on many national brand campaigns including Samsung, Nike, Google, and Adidas. We have worked in partnership with Jake on various projects going back to 2010.

You can check out Jake's work at www.insomniagfx.com

Rachel Martin-Austin has spent the past decade traveling around the globe and working remotely on a wide range of projects for various clients including Vice Media Group, Google, Siemens, BMW, Converse, and Disney Interactive. She started out in the New York Advertising scene as an Art Director and quickly found her niche in interactive media design, concept, research, and user experience with a focus on product and branding.

You can check out her portfolio at rachel-martinaustin.squarespace.com/pixels

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